Topographis, Diseno & others

Works of Art


This beautiful bridge contains 1/2 inch steel rods that are bent to accentuate and flow with the shape of the creekbed.


This play area is designed after the topography of the area. Sculpted concrete represents the Tri-Valley land area.

Pear Blossoms

To compliment the pear blossom trees that are placed in the park, two large ceramic installations depicting pear blossoms are placed on the walls of the restroom facilities.

Alviso Adobe Trellis

This wood framed trellis was designed for climbing roses and was modeled after the home of Juan Francisco Alviso.

Skeletal Arch

A steel pipe arch was constructed to pay homage to the Downtown Pleasanton Arch. This arch also serves as a vine trellis.

About Val Vista Art

The various works of architectural & sculptural art were created by Ann Chamberlain in 2004.

Various works of art in Val Vista Community Park


Near 7350 Johnson Drive, Pleasanton, CA 94588, USA