Pleasanton Pioneer Founders Mural

About the Pleasanton Pioneer Founders Mural

About the Mural

Painted by Livermore Master Artist, Barbara Stenton and volunteers, installed January, 2014. Funded in partnership with Pleasenton's Leadership Class of 2013 and the Hardngton Art Partnership. The idea of this mural came from a mural seen in Tahachipi, CA, which recognized important citizens in their history. We brought the idea to the Civic Arts Commission in 2010 but couldn't find partners or a reasonably-priced artist. In 2012 the president of the Pleasenton Arts League referred us to Barbara Stanton because she was noted for her skills as a portrait artist. We asked her if she would be willing to be the Master artist on this project and she agreed. She involved several volunteers to assist her in painting this mural.

About the Artist

Barbara Stanton was born in Oakland, California. At age 7 she moved to Pleasanton attending Valley View, Harvest Park and Foothill. She want on to attend Chabot College (which is now Las Positas) and attended the Academy of Arts in San Francisco one summer. She currently lives in Livermore with her husband, William Maranville, who works at the Livermore Lab. She has two sons.

There were several adults in Barbara's life that influenced her work as an artist. Those people include her grandmother, Mr. Frankina, the art teacher at Harvest Middle School, and Mr. Friedman, art teacher at Foothill High School. She continued her art education after high school by taking painting classes, ending up at Las Positss and met influential teacher, Thomas Coray. She married and had her family and for 5 years didn't paint at all. A friend of hers got her involved in painting miniatures for dollhouses. She has won several awards for her miniature paintings. She currently teaches classes at the Bothwell Arts Center in Livermore.

Mural History

The Museum on Main assisted us in identifying who should be included in the mural. We also talked with Chades Huff, local historian. All the individuals included ware painted from photographs provided by the museum or the pioneer's relatives. In several instances, there was only one photo available.

The setting of the mural is from an actual room in Phoebe Hearst's home. Notice the Native Amedcan baskets, and woven wall hanging. The artist, Barbara Stanton, researched the period as she was painting to capture details of furnishings and even copied the wallpaper. Each person has a rose in their lapel or hand and other roses can be seen in the mural. This is to remind everyone about the importance of roses to the city of Pleasanton. Jackson and Perkins established growing and wholesaling operations here in 1939. They ware the largest producer of roses but there ware also seven other growers leasing land from local farmers to grow roses. By the mid-1950's there ware 12 million rose plants in the valley. Pleasanton became a leading center for rose hybridization. The last rose company left Pleasanton in the 1990's.

Location of Pleasanton Pioneer Founders Mural

608 Main Street, Pleasanton CA 94566, USA